Asphalt 8 Cheat Guide

asphalt 8 cheat guideI have really been enjoying my day with this game. Especially with the features they have right now and the cooperation they had with Twitch.  Now it is so easy to video stream my gameplay through my iphone.  Pretty sweet especially if you wanna show off your ride and driving skills using some tricks.  You see, my good friend Mark share this Asphalt 8 Hack which virtually lets you have all the free credits and unlimited nitros.  I was quiet surprised how my friend quickly had the Lykan HyperSport when I have been playing longer than him.  It did not take long for me to have it too and I am loving it.  Especially when you have bottomless nitros.  Talk about running almost 500 top speed and the nitros just blasting all the way.  You can never loose with this mod.

So if you wanna know where I got this cheat tool, visit Phodic.

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