Helical Piles vs. Concrete

concreteOne of the most challenging prospects among home owners and contractors alike is choosing between helical piles and concrete for best foundation solution. The truth is that both have a significant role to play when it comes to offering utmost strength for your house foundation. However, it has to be noted that each one of them carries some commanding traits over the other. In the end, the need to compare between the two cannot be snubbed.

The first thing you must aim at is to understand how the two foundation solutions work. Additionally, you must weigh the foundation problem you have at hand and eventually decide on the best way of offering support and overall remedy to it. This should form the best basis for choosing between concrete and helical piles.
Below are important aspects and points of comparison between helical piles and concrete. They should be considered before any major move is made further.

Working Basis
Like earlier stated, it is very necessary to understand how both helical piles and concrete work. Helical piles are characterized by a rod and a set of plates attached along the length. The model of helical piles is made as such to ensure that it augers into the soil. The end result is profound resistance against any forces that might come from below.
On the other hand, concrete is generally hard. It is with the help of its hard form that it is able to spread any forces that might come from the ground. Basically, concrete can be compared to a boat. The base is broad enough to spread forces in the ocean hence preventing the boat from sinking. The same case applies to concrete. Once the forces are spread, chances of your house sinking are reduced.

Weight Distribution
When it comes to weight distribution, concrete is in the lead especially for large structures. This is because the base formed by concrete and its hardness is enough to withstand heavy weight even for large story buildings. The problem is that concrete is only meant to cover shallow depths. This means that weight distribution is only managed on the upper surface. In most cases, concrete houses stand the threat of soil erosion.
Helical piles, on the other hand, may not be ideal is weight distribution. However, they offer equal resistance to forces as concrete. The good thing about helical piles is that they can go deep into the ground as compared to concrete. This means that helical piled houses cannot be affected by soil erosion though with poor weight distribution.

Installation Time
Time is of much essence especially when it comes to addressing foundation faults in your home. That said, it is very important to ensure that you go for a solution that will not take long to be implemented. Helical piles are known to be very easy to install. As a matter of fact, you will not require any special skills in order to install helical piles successfully. An approximate time for installing a single helical pile is 5 minutes. It should therefore not take you long to offer foundation support for your entire house.
Concrete, on the other hand, may have some limitations as compared to helical piles. First, the application of concrete requires a lot of tasks. Note that you will have to spread concrete to each and every part of your house while helical piles can be used selectively. This means that a lot of efforts will be required for the task. Aside from that, you might require special tools to help you in creating concrete. The case is not so for helical piles.

This is yet another prime consideration for those choosing between concrete and helical piles. The truth is that helical piles are a little more expensive. This is because they are of high quality, durable and stronger as compared to concrete. Houses with helical piles are considered better than those with concrete support for the foundation.
Concrete, on the other hand, is incredibly cheap. The role played by concrete in strengthening foundations is not so intense. The support offered not so appealing either. In a nutshell, it would be best to consider helical piles over concrete in terms of price.

To see helical piers in action, check this video out. You can also see the comments on Tumblr.


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